Can You Just Patch Up Toilet Bowl Cracks?

Toilet time is relaxation time, and what better way to escape your troubles than with a quiet retreat to privacy. While your time on the porcelain throne is sacred, ensure that your throne does not show age signs. Over time toilets can show signs of damage, and some homeowners may find cracks alongside their toilet bowls. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not a cracked toilet means it’s time to replace your throne.

Hairline Cracks in a Toilet

Much like the name suggests, hairline cracks are small cracks found alongside toilets that can be found alongside your tank or toilet bowl. Typically most hairline cracks are not a big deal as they can easily be repaired with a special epoxy that helps seal fractures. Hairline cracks inside your toilet may need to be addressed by replacing your toilet.

When inspecting your cracked toilet, make sure that the cracks are not larger than roughly 1/16th of an inch. More minor hairline cracks along the bowl or tank are fine and typically unsightly but not concerning for the overall toilet’s structure.

However, while a small hairline crack is nothing to worry about, numerous hairline cracks along your toilet can be concerning. So if your porcelain throne starts to look like it has a spider web design, it is probably best to call our plumbers to help schedule a replacement.

What Causes Hairline Cracks in Toilet Bowls

Typically, the most common causes for hairline cracks in toilet bowls are:

  • Accidental bumps to the toilet
  • Toilets losing durability due to age
  • Over tightening toilet bolts

Larger Cracks in a Toilet

If you notice fractures larger than 1/16th of an inch, it is best advised that you replace your toilet. The issue with using epoxy to seal up larger cracks is that you are delaying potential structural damage beyond repair. Unfortunately, larger cracks tend to worsen with time and can lead to the porcelain structure fracturing, which can be dangerous.

Monitor The Damage To Your Cracked Toilet To Make Sure It Doesn’t Get Worse

If you notice small hairline cracks around your toilet, take the time to note the size, location, and the number of cracks you find. If you find one small crack outside your toilet bowl, using a proper waterproof plumbing epoxy can help. Keep note of cracks as overlooked cracks can lead to leaks that may not be visible at first but reveal themselves over time. If you begin to notice leaks or see that your utility bills are higher than usual lately, it may be time to replace that toilet.

At TriState Home Services we have years of experience dealing with the most stubborn of plumbing issues. So if you need help replacing or repairing a cracked toilet or any other plumbing concerns, call our team at (301) 228-0286  today!

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