What’s Wrong With Keeping A Heater That Is Older Than Ten Years Old?

If you have an older furnace or central air conditioner, you may be wondering when it’s time to replace it. Several signs indicate when this is necessary. Here are some of them:

Heater Age

If your heater is over ten years old, it’s probably time to upgrade. Heaters that are 10 years old or older can be less energy efficient, more likely to break down and unable to keep up with the demands of a growing family. If you have an older home with radiators, you may also want to consider upgrading if you’ve noticed that some of your radiators aren’t working as efficiently as others.

Odd Sounds

If you hear a loud, grinding sound coming from your heater, it may be time to replace the unit. Many things include: can cause this

  • A blocked air vent

  • Ductwork issues

  • A motor that is failing or has been damaged in some way

  • Loose components either from improper installation or parts decaying

Playing With The Thermostat

If you must keep adjusting the thermostat to stay warm, there is a problem. The thermostat should be set at a comfortable temperature, and the furnace will do its job without your having to constantly adjust it. If your house isn’t heating up properly and you find yourself turning up the heat, then something isn’t right.

There are several things that could cause this issue:

  • The thermostat may not be working correctly (replace it with a new one)

  • Your furnace might need service (have it checked by an expert)

In either case, if you’re feeling uncomfortable because of a cold draft or poor air quality, have someone take a look at your heating system as soon as possible!

Cold Spots

If you have cold spots throughout your house, it might be time to consider a new heater. HVAC systems are designed with a certain amount of airflow in mind. If there is any sort of air leak in the system, the air will flow through it, even if it isn’t where it should be. This will cause some rooms to become colder than others. In addition to this, many houses today have insulation issues that can cause uneven heating and cooling throughout the home. When these two things happen together—a problem known as “thermal bridging”—the entire system breaks down and causes cold spots throughout your house.

Quick Tip To Help Out

We notice this often in homes, but a dirty carpet can put some strain on your heater! Poor air quality can do a number on filters, which is a minor annoyance that can snowball into more significant issues for homeowners who neglect cleaning. Professional cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets clean. Why? Because professional carpet cleaners have access to all sorts of different types of carpet cleaners and steam vacuums that you can’t get just anywhere. Plus, they know how to use them properly to get rid of all the dirt and grime in your flooring, which would otherwise be impossible with a standard vacuum cleaner or even renting one from a store.

If you don’t want to hire someone else at all then you should consider buying a steam carpet cleaner yourself. They’re easy enough on the wallet—anywhere between $50-$200 depending on where you shop—but they’re also reliable and effective at removing dirt and debris from your rugs without leaving behind any harmful residue like dryer sheets do when used improperly by amateur cleaners who don’t really understand how these things work yet!

Time To Replace

When one or more of these things happen, it’s time to replace your heater with a new, energy-efficient model.

We do want to stress that if your furnace is 10 years old or older, consider replacements. Unless it’s something you can easily fix yourself (like replacing a filter or cleaning off corrosion), we recommend calling our professionals to take care of this job. Repairs might buy your old heater a few more months, but constant repairs will not be cost-efficient.

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