What’s Wrong With Keeping A Heater That Is Older Than Ten Years Old?

If you have an older furnace or central air conditioner, you may be wondering when it’s time to replace it. Several signs indicate when this is necessary. Here are some of them: Heater Age If your heater is over ten years old, it’s probably time to upgrade. Heaters that are 10 years old or older

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Hot Tap Water: A Hidden Menace

Tap water is an often overlooked miracle that we cannot get enough of in our homes! Access to clean tap water is extraordinary, from washing dishes to cooling off from a hot day outside. There is one tiny bit of info that we do want to extend to homeowners everywhere, and that is hot tap

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Maintaining Your Boiler

Keeping your boiler in optimum shape takes effort. Years of winter heating takes a toll on your boiler system as well as the piping and accessories. Here are some ways you can maximize your boiler’s performance and keep its efficiency up. Check For Leaks If you make this a regular part of your routine, you’ll

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