Staying Positive During Stressful Times

In the midst of dark times, it’s sometimes impossible to imagine that the light will return. But just as the darkest night gives way to dawn and winter gives way to spring, these days will pass.

If you’re facing what feels like an onslaught of bad news, on top of your own challenges, here are some ways to stay positive.

Count Your Blessings

You may be faced with challenges now, new challenges and ones you couldn’t anticipate a few months ago. Take the time daily to purposely think about your blessings. Whether it’s food on your table or an active toddler’s spontaneous dance, pay attention. Better yet, write it down. It may not change the circumstances but it certainly makes the journey easier.

Fast From News

Like junk food, too much information can be detrimental to your health. Take in just enough so you’re not completely in the dark but know your limits. When you start losing sleep over events you can’t control, that’s a sign to dial back the news consumption. If you get easily consumed, take a break for a few days before letting the world back in.

Ignore Social Media

Social media is addictive and can create a burden of too many negative interactions and angry “discussions.” For your own sake, shut it down for a week, a month or longer. You know your personal limits to make this decision.


Playing isn’t just reserved for our kids. It will benefit you to be focused on something other than everyday responsibilities and tasks. Spend time having fun with your kids, spouse, or pets and learn how to live in the moment and experience joy.

Stay Busy

Keep your mind occupied just enough to prevent you from ruminating on the world’s issues but be careful not to use it as a way to avoid dealing with challenges. Spend time working on a previously ignored goal, learning something new or helping someone in need. This last one will do wonders for your mood in addition to bringing light to someone in darkness.

Take Care of the Basics

Eat right, get enough sleep, and take care of your body so your mind can deal with any issues that may arise. Solving problems while you’re groggy from a lack of sleep or sluggish from watching too much TV is more difficult than after a healthy meal and a nap. Pray or meditate for your spiritual health and you’ll find yourself less stressed overall.

Remember that no matter what happens, this too shall pass. Have the faith that you can endure the trials that come and stay strong, even when things get stressful.

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