Why Is My Toilet Running Constantly?

You flush your toilet, water goes down, it makes the usual sounds, and you go about your day. However, during this last flush, you noticed that your outlet kept making running water sounds minutes after your flush. In fact, your toilet sounds like it has had water running for the past hour. Before you go into a panic about potential plumbing repair, we got you covered on some quick fixes that may help!

Precautions To Take

Before you attempt any toilet solutions, turn the water off to your toilet. When dealing with toilet repair, you do not have water flowing into the tank and have a flood on your hands. By shutting the water off, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re not being rushed during your repairs.

Float Issues

Sometimes you may have issues with your toilet tank suddenly overflowing as the water continues to run. Nobody wants to deal with overflows as they get messy fast, so simply check the float! If your float is not correctly adjusted, you may need to tighten or loosen the screw to help get the water level to reach a safe level in your tank. Depending on your toilet, you may need to adjust a clip or rod to adjust the height of your float. Ensure the water matches up with the fill level mark inside your tank.

Flapper Check

The flapper in your toilet helps create a seal that will stop water in your tank from going into your toilet bowl, but over time this seal can loosen. A broken flapper will let water from your tank flow into your bowl or create an improper seal leading to the sound of water constantly running. Before you replace your flapper, check if there are no obstructions, such as cleaning tablets or even dirt. Yes, a dirty flapper can create improper seals, so take time to clean your flapper.

Chain Woes

Sometimes homeowners notice that the chain on the flapper can disconnect, leading to running water issues. You can easily reattach the chain and get your toilet working like brand new. What if your chain is connected but seems too loose? Sometimes a flapper chain can be too long, providing no tension and leading to some annoying flushing problems. You can remove a few links on the flapper chain and reattach the chain link to the flapper to create a tighter connection.

At TriState Home Services we know a thing or two about plumbing and want to make sure you get peace of mind knowing your toilet is in good hands with our plumbers. Whether you got a running toilet or a toilet bowl with cracks, we will ensure you get your plumbing running in no time. So When you call (301) 228-0286  our plumbers are ready to tackle the messiest of jobs and guarantee to get your plumbing working in no time.

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