Summer Heat And Mold

Mold growth in homes is quite a tricky problem to tackle because mold grows quite silently. Often homeowners do not notice mold until it has spread drastically across their structures. With summer around the corner, you might dread hearing that the weather can make mold grow quickly. We break down why mold loves the summer and how you can potentially stop any mold in your home.


The biggest factor contributing to mold growth in the home is high levels of humidity. Sometimes those hot summer days can roll around due to passing storm fronts. The issue with high humidity is that increased moisture can lead to the perfect breeding ground for mold spores to feed off. To tackle high humidity you always want proper airflow and ventilation in your home.

A properly functioning air conditioner can help dehumidify the home and check for potential problem areas like under sinks for any leaks. Remember to check on your AC drain pans and drainage pipes, as improperly draining ACs can malfunction and not dehumidify the home! Also, constantly running an AC can blow humidity back into the house. Set the AC to an auto function, so it cools when needed and allows ample time to drain condensation build-up

Water Leaks

As we mentioned earlier, problem areas around the home are plumbing fixtures with leaks. A leaky pipe can provide ample moisture needed for mold spore growth and eventually lead to some icky-looking spots across the house. Spotting pipe leaks can be tricky, but always inspect under your sinks and check your utility bills. If your price for water has suddenly increased despite no change in usage, you may be looking at a leak.

The Heat

While mold can be pretty resilient across various temperatures, increasing heat can be far more favorable conditions for mold spores. In areas like crawlspaces or an attic, you will likely see mold growth when there is no airflow. A great way to avoid mold growth is with proper ventilation. Whether you are turning on your AC or just opening some windows, airflow can help control the temperature across your home to help deter mold growth. A great way to regulate the temperature in your home is with new insulation, which can keep problem areas from being too hot.

Can I Clean Up Mold?

So let’s say you spot mold growth under your sink or maybe somewhere in your room. You might be disappointed to know that getting rid of mold might be tricky. Some simple soap and water will not get rid of all your mold problems. While you can use bleach solutions to help remove mold spots, the issue is not eliminating the spots you can see but getting rid of the spots you cannot see.

Mold growth can be deep-rooted at times, and what is visible on the surface might not be the full extent of mold. You want to act fast with any mold growth, as ignoring the issue can lead to damaged structures and even health problems down the line.

At TriState Home Services we have tackled mold numerous times and have years of experience getting rid of mold from homes. So call (301) 228-0286  today, and we can help get rid of your mold problems.

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