Summer Heat And Mold

Mold growth in homes is quite a tricky problem to tackle because mold grows quite silently. Often homeowners do not notice mold until it has spread drastically across their structures. With summer around the corner, you might dread hearing that the weather can make mold grow quickly. We break down why mold loves the summer

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Hot Tap Water: A Hidden Menace

Tap water is an often overlooked miracle that we cannot get enough of in our homes! Access to clean tap water is extraordinary, from washing dishes to cooling off from a hot day outside. There is one tiny bit of info that we do want to extend to homeowners everywhere, and that is hot tap

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Controlling Humidity Levels In Your Home

​Heating and cooling tend to get all the attention when we think about indoor air quality. But humidity levels are critical, and achieving the ideal range of 30-50% isn’t always easy. Too Much Moisture: Dehumidify Too much humidity promotes the growth of mold, pathogens and allergens. It also causes damage to your home’s structure and

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Sensi Predict™ – 24/7 HVAC Monitoring

Homeowners! We’d like to introduce you to your new best friend… What Is It? Sensi Predict™ is a new custom sensor technology that monitors your HVAC system 24/7, helping you stay ahead of problems, and keeping your home comfortable. How Does It Work? Sensi Predict™ connects directly to your HVAC system, transmitting encrypted readings from

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6 Reasons To Switch To Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy has been used for thousands of years; starting with making use of hot springs for bathing and district heating. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that a heat pump system was successfully installed for commercial use. Since then, the use of geothermal heating and cooling has increased significantly, and it is now available for homeowners. Geothermal Fundamentals So

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